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Publication: 02.04.2020

GNC-CT call with country cluster coordination teams on COVID 19 and NiE Coordination


Dear Colleagues,


Hope you and your families are doing well.


As we all very well know, COVID 19 has been a #1 priority for all of us both at country level , globally and likely to be more so in countries in humanitarian emergencies. Over the last weeks GNC-CT has been in contact with several of  you ; and It is evident that more support on coordination is required during this challenging time. So far ,GNC-CT has been offering one on one remote support to counties and will continue to do so more intensively. Technical briefs on NiE services delivery and coordination related matters in the context of COVID 19 preparedness and response have been shared over the last weeks. We will continue to update the technical briefs and guidance as more information becomes available and  share with you as frequent as possible.  A dedicated COVID 19 Nutrition document repository is created and will continually be updated  where you can access relevant resources.


In order to have a discussion on COVID 19 and NiE cluster and sectoral coordination at country level and better ways of receiving support from us, GNC-CT would like to invite you to a skype call on Thursday  April 2, 2020 at 11:00 am (Geneva Time). Please confirm your participation ASAP.


The call , among other things , will focus on discussion on where we are in COVID 19 NiE preparedness and response coordination, required modification in modality of NiE coordination at country level, challenges faced in coordination  so far at country level, going forward ,ways of  GNC-CT remote support to countries.


Best regards,

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