Request support on coordination, information management, integration for nutrition outcomes or technical nutrition in emergencies assistance.

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The Global Nutrition Cluster CT is managing COVID-19 page with collected global, regional, and country-level resources for COVID-19. Additional regional and country resources will be added through time and the web page is continuously being reviewed. Please visit this page for daily updates and share information that is missing, directly to Faith Nzioka (

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Nutrition Response 2019

From January to December 2019

People in Need of Nutrition in Emergencies Assistance
People Target for Nutrition in Emergencies Assistance
Funding Requested
Funding Received

Featured Countries

879K people in need of nutrition assistance in 2019

System-wide emergency was activated on 22 March 2019

135K people in need of nutrition assistance in 2019

Nutrition Cluster was activated on 17 October 2018

4.7M people in need of nutrition assistance in 2019

Nutrition sector coordination ongoing

Operational Support


Discover guidance, tools and templates for nutrition in emergencies coordination and response.


Receive remote technical nutrition in emergencies coordination and information management assistance.


Request coordination and information management support from the deployable Rapid Response Team.

Capacity Development

Learn more about training opportunities organized by the Global Nutrition Cluster.

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Accountability, both to affected populations and for the Education Cluster’s results and performance.


Collaborative, inclusive and meaningful engagement contributing towards realizing the Education Cluster’s vision.

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Working together for uninterrupted education for children and youth in crisis.

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